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Biorepro GmbH
Potsdamer Str. 23 C
14669 Ketzin
Tel: 033233/748080
Fax: 033233/748082

Company profile

The company Futura Egel Zucht has been breeding Hirudo leeches since 2003.

Recent years have witnessed a growing demand for medical leeches in Western Europe, especially in Germany. A major strategic goal has been to create the technological conditions for the production of medical leeches that are:

a. produced in accordance with GMP.
b. available as a finished medicinal product in quantities as required by the customer.

The first step towards this goal was the foundation of BioRepro GmbH in March 2008. Today, BioRepro GmbH is an enterprise that focuses on the expedient and sustainable production and use of biological resources. Our prime objective for the near future is to provide an approved medicinal product in Germany. This in turn will help encourage and stimulate interest in research in medicinal leeches, with the goal of establishing new products on the market, such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals of biological origin.

Of late, we have been building a highly motivated and qualified team to help us face these forthcoming challenges.

Our recent and future aims:

2009 Become licensed manufacturer of pharmaceutical products
2010 Develop physiologically harmless feedstuff aside from conventional fresh blood
2011 Market authorisation for medicinal leeches in Germany
2012 Satisfy requirements for this finished medicinal product in Germany. Build and develop research capacity in leech saliva.