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Am Retzgraben 41
79108 Freiburg
t. +49 7665 930421
f. +49 7665 930420

BLE (Biotech Laboratory for the Environment) GmbH specialises in research, services, production, consulting and commerce for the molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry and environmental biotechnology sectors.

The company was founded in Potsdam in September 2007. BLE GmbH’s core activities are in environmental biotechnology, notably the bio-monitoring of single or multiple pollutants using biochip technology and/or reporter-gene screening systems.

Within this scope, BLE GmbH provides using microbiological procedures the conditions required for the eco-friendly regeneration of contaminated areas, especially those affected by oil pollution. This involves the development of bacterial mixtures, or bio preparations, that are able to degrade oil spills under different climatic conditions and in soil areas with varying oxygen content.

These degradation processes have so far required laborious analysis. BLE GmbH has therefore developed a biosensor that makes it possible to quickly and economically identify and monitor the decontamination process. BLE GmbH is also active in the following areas:

  1. Production of fluorescent antibodies to detect contamination
  2. Bacterial characterisation and determination of the bacterial phylogenetic tree
  3. Development of a modular system of biochemical and ecotoxicological testing procedures as a test battery for the detection of hazard potentials in the ground, water and in manufactured products in cooperation with the University of Freiburg (AG Professor Dr. Edgar Wagner).

The company’s main goal is to optimise and market existing products as well as extend the company‘s own product range. It also aims to pursue long-term cooperation with research institutes and industry. In the process, BLE GmbH is committed to channelling current R&D activities towards practical and economically viable applications. The economic relevance and sales potential of future applications are promptly and continuously evaluated and assessed with respect to market potential, cost comparison and the advantages and disadvantages of the competitive process.

To ensure successful implementation of the respective strategies, BLE GmbH will systematically patent the individual products, production procedures and services.

Depending on the market segment in question, appropriate utilisation strategies will be developed, ranging from out-licensing to independent production.