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GF: Dipl. Biol. Dagmar Köhler-Repp
Am Mühlenberg 11
14476 Potsdam
t. +49 331 581840-0
f. +49 331 581840-10

RIPAC-LABOR GmbH provides a high-end diagnostics service and develops vaccines for bacterial infections primarily in poultry, pigs and cattle, but also other in animals. The acronym RIPAC is made up from the names of the most common infectious agents found in poultry environments: Riemerella and the pathogenesis-related Pasteurella, E. coli and Clostridia. We develop strategies to combat pathogens quickly and effectively based on differentiation and classification. The production of specific vaccines, resistance studies and epidemiological analyses are key aspects of our work.

Our expertise and individual co-operation with veterinary surgeons and biologists from different backgrounds have enabled us to establish an extensive bacterial strain collection. This means we can manufacture specific vaccines as required within a short time frame and thus effectively combat the spread of bacterial infections.

RIPAC-LABOR is a frontrunner in the field of research into Riemerella infections, the most significant bacterial infection in waterfowl worldwide. Twenty known Riemerella anatipestifer serotypes have been classified and ten new serovars identified.
Since the RIPAC laboratory was founded in 2003, services have been continuously expanded and taken advantage of nationally and internationally. We have made it our mission to fight against animal diseases, at the same time fulfilling quality requirements and respecting the needs of consumers and producers.