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Steinbömer & Vössing GmbH
Hegelallee 4
14467 Potsdam
t. +49 331 20077-0
f. +49 331 20077-10
Feldstr. 32
14542 Werder
t. +49 33202 708-0
f. +49 33202 708-10

For many years now, we at Steinbömer & Vössing GmbH have been active as insurance brokers for biotechnology firms.

Based in Potsdam since 1996, we know the insurance market inside out and are completely independent. We offer a full range of services which go beyond the placement of insurance coverage itself. In addition to in-depth consulting, we take care of most of the cumbersome administrative tasks, and give professional support from the event of loss or damage through to final settlement of the claim.

We help our clients deal with the difficult subject of insurance, affording them more freedom to concentrate on their core business.

Furthermore, we possess sound expertise in occupational retirement provision, set up and manage pension plans, and prepare actuarial reports.