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Stefan Pinter
t. +49 331 966-1336

Networks, cooperative networks, authority networks – multiple names for a singular idea!

A huge number of networks exist today, and their effectiveness is indisputable. However, they can also be a source of confusion. The Brandenburg SPD parliamentary group’s internet portal “Cooperative networks in the capital city region” strives to provide greater transparency. This portal presents many of the institutional networks that promote economic development in our region: from business founding initiatives through inter-corporate cooperation to local agenda projects. There are networks that address the improvement of local conditions governing traffic, urban development, education and training, the environment and agriculture.

The most important information on cooperative networks can be seen at a glance. This will help you answer any questions you might have:

  • What cooperative networks are there in my region and what issues do they highlight?
  • How do I get in touch with a network?
  • We collaborate in a cooperative network. How can we improve our activities and increase
    the effectiveness of our work?
  • Is funding available for networks?