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RAe Holland-Nell & Protz
Charlottenstraße 109
14467 Potsdam
t. +49 331 70488110
f. +49 331 70488111

The law firm Rechtsanwaelte Holland-Nell & Protz Partnerschaftsgesellschaft renders legal services and legal consulting to enterprises in Germany and abroad. The main business of our firm is consulting round about commercial real estate, and the staff, contract drafting and capital structure of enterprises, as well as objection to and enforcement of claims. Just founded in January, 2010, the firm comprises four experienced lawyers, who have consulted and represented enterprises in legal affairs for many years. The firm is principally based in Potsdam.

Partners and attorneys-at-law (Rechtsanwälte) Harald Holland-Nell and Thomas Protz head the law firm and have been acting on behalf of a real estate management company (BBG) for more than 10 years, together with attorney-at-law (Rechtsanwältin) Beata Muche.
Through this comprehensive experience in drafting, litigation, land law, tenancy and construction law we have at our disposal critical specific knowledge of the market in Brandenburg and are able to support enterprises in legal affairs as well as in general issues to find the best place of business in the area.
Attorney-at-law Holland-Nell mainly consults with enterprises in drafting employment contracts or releasing employees and in other labour law affairs, as well as in start-ups, reorganization and disputes among shareholders or of executive officers with shareholders.

Attorney-at-law Protz has specialized in construction law, public procurement law and law of architects both in drafting and in litigation.

Attorney-at-law Muche mainly renders legal services in tenancy and land law affairs, representing a number of enterprises of the commercial and residential real estate market.

Attorney-at-law (Rechtsanwalt) Thomas Knoll-Biermann worked with an international law firm until 2009 and continues legal consulting of enterprises in cross-border issues – trade contracts, start-ups, acquisitions, real estate, claims enforcement, arbitration, insolvency proceedings – in particular related to such countries as the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Lithuania. In addition, Mr. Knoll-Biermann specializes in public law.

Our team is completed by our secretary Sieglinde John.

Our working languages are German, English and Russian.