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BCB - Bildungscontrolling &
Anja Kaminski
Mühlenweg 1a
16259 Falkenberg
t. +49 33458 64-239
f. +49 33458 64-253
m. +49 173 6463081

BCB supports enterprises, public institutions and specialists.

BCB provides solutions for every aspect of your personnel development process.

BCB Instruments:

General personnel development

  • Create personnel development plans, requirement profiles and job descriptions
  • Recruitment procedures, initial orientation processes

Organisational development

  • Introduce new company structures via coaching sessions and workshops
  • Conduct employee surveys

Enterprise analyses

  • Analyse and identify company goals and strategic developments
  • Implement service procedures (incl. quality management systems)

Management staff/ succession issues

  • Conduct succession planning relating to generational change/ professional advancement
  • Coach management staff in enhancing management disciplines
  • Support with agreement on objectives discussions

Professional development

  • Identify promising lines of action and human resources development
  • Conduct company-specific workshops, group case consultation meetings and individual
  • Identify and mediate professional development issues to boost expertise

Education and personnel controlling

  • Use the BCB "education controlling cycle" to assess training programmes and monitor
  • Training costs offset by growth in sales, better operational procedures and enhanced
    employee skills

Fostering possibilities

  • Organisation and support of training measures

BCB instruments are created on an as-required basis, and are implemented continuously as external
and neutral personnel development.