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Trzy Lipy 3 / 1.38
80-172 Gdansk
Dr. Pawel Gruszczynski
phone: +48 661 608 846
Biolab Innovative
Research Technologies


BLIRT (www.blirt.eu) is a research and development company offering services to the pharma and medical sectors, including departments of proteins, analysis, synthesis and DNA-Gdansk. BLIRT offers a full range of protein production services for scientific and therapeutic purposes.

BLIRT (BioLab Innovative Research Technologies) is headquartered in the Gdansk Science and Technology Park, in Gdansk, Poland. Benefiting from the scientific expertise if its staff, BLIRT offers high quality services in the scope of formulation of expression systems, isolation of new proteins and the optimization of production processes and conditions for protein purification.

Protein Services

BLIRT offers services at every stage of protein creation, from gene synthesis to purification and formulation. Working with clients, BLIRT can offer a variety of services including:

- Protein production up to the preclinical stage
- Creation and production of protein substances according to designated model
- Assistance in the development of generic and bio-betters
- Characterization of the delivered proteins
- Optimization of the biosynthesis process, the purification conditions and formulation
- Protein analytical services

Why Partner With BLIRT?

BLIRT has the know-how and capacity to meet the needs of both large pharmaceutical companies or research institutions and small-medium sized R&D companies. Experience, knowledge and the involvement of leading scientists provides the necessary competence in the performance of research projects, both commercially and scientifically.

BLIRT offers a number of key competitive advantages including:

- Full scope of activities from gene to protein
- Strong scientific team experience and expertise
- Modern technical facilities
- Competitive, cost efficient pricing
- Short project timelines and execution
- Ability to produce grams of proteins
- Contract development and manufacturing

Opportunity Criteria

BLIRT is actively establishing relationships with companies and organizations that are developing and/or researching proteins, and could benefit from an experienced team to provide protein production services and support.