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labfolder GmbH
Schönhauser Allee 6/7
10119 Berlin
t: +49 (0) 3091572642

labfolder is a Berlin-based laboratory IT company which offers an innovative electronic lab notebook and a laboratory management software in one and same product.

The electronic lab notebook (ELN) from labfolder has the following benefits:

  • A well-designed, comprehensive digitalization of your laboratory documentation.
  • Powerful search engine: Find all your data at any time from all of your employees – quick & easy!
  • Simply switch to digital: The electronic lab notebook is very intuitive and self-explanatory to use.
  • Hold in to your habits: Effortless display and import of all popular file formats.
  • Never lose the context of data: Keep all data in one place with the electronic lab notebook!
  • Easy collaboration and communication: Messages, Comments, To-dos.
  • Effortless follow regulations: labfolder is GLP-compliant with digital signatures (21 CFR Part 11).
  • Faster documentation: Protocol templates and cloning of entries.
  • Never lose know-how: Establish a knowledge database for laboratory protocols.
  • Maintain an organized team: Visually represent groups, manage rights & access.

Why labfolder?
labfolder connects expertise and experience in laboratory research with a young, innovative, solid IT. As a result, users repeatedly label the electronic lab notebook from labfolder as "Almost as easy to use as the good old lab book", "Beautifully tidy" and "Visionary". In contrast to a generic notebook App, labfolder simultaneously offers scientific data management, laboratory and group management as well as GLP-compliant documentation.

In addition to the electronic lab notebook, the labfolder GmbH offers the following services:

  • Expert advice and service for laboratory-IT: From the selection of suitable software to building your entire server structure and other IT requirements.
  • Integration of existing IT infrastructure (in labfolder or amongst each other).
  • Customsoftware development: From solving special analytical challenges through to multi-functional application.

The labfolder story:
Two of the labfolder founders, Dr. Simon Bungers and Dr. Florian Hauer, have been working as researchers themselves. During their time as IT-savvy doctoral students, both of them often encountered the limits of laboratory books, log folders or loose digital data collections at the lab bench – szenarios sometimes leaving them in great despair. In 2013 the labfolder GmbH was founded together with Mathias Schäffner, a software engineer from the Berlin internet scene, to eliminate these obstacles often encountered by researchers. The electronic lab notebook from labfolder was born.

The overall goal of the electronic lab notebook labfolder is to accelerate research through digital documentation and know-how in order to assist laboratories to fully concentrate on their core competence: To achieve breakthroughs on the laboratory bench, innovations and technological progress – as clean, fast and efficient as possible.

Our clients are innovative laboratories with the desire to try the benefits of digital documentation and the recognition that the digital revolution does not only stop in front of research, but - applied correctly - can create a real advantage, particularly for laboratories.