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Ostendstr. 25
12459 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 530 10 750
Fax.: (030) 530 10 751
Dr. Aslan Cicek
Tel. 0174 320 10 10

SELEKTIS is a specialized laboratory for microbiology and food analysis. The company was in
April 2009 by Dr. rer. nat. Aslan Cicek founded in TGS Technology and Business Center at
SELEKTIS is an officially approved S2 laboratory, which has permission for working with
infectious agents according to § 44 and IfSG(Infection Protection Act) and officially listed
investigative body for drinking water.
SELEKTIS has two official counter samples expert and is also responsible for the investigation
of animal by-products (K3) approved.
The laboratory is in the DAkkS German Accreditation Body in accordance with DIN EN ISO /
IEC 17025 (D-PL 14014-01-00). As part of the re-accreditation the accreditation was
extended until the end of 2020th.
DIN, EN and ISO methods of analysis are standard procedures of the lab, where all applied
methods are reviewed by participating in round robin tests in addition regularly.
From Nov. 2015, the laboratory has also established the molecular genetic examination
methods in his analysis spectrum and successfully accredited.