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Hisatec GmbH
Neu Zittauer Str. 41
15537 Erkner
Tel. 03362 8845181
Fax 03362 8845183
Mobil 0177 52 84 197
phone: +49(0)3362 8845181
fax: +49(0)3362 8845183
Mobil +49 (0) 177 5284197

A brief outline of the history of the company

The company Hisatec GmbH, originally founded in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, is based in Erkner near Berlin. It is specialized in the development of innovative telecommunications and antenna transmission technology with the focus on high-tech satellite antennas.
The company has started operations in the second half of 2013. Dr. Jamal Hawwary is responsible for the management. Dr. Hawwary, who graduated in the specialist fields of communications engineering and electrical engineering, received the doctoral degree from the Technical University Berlin in 2003 for his thesis “Parameters for the rapid characterization of the emission behavior of small printed circuit boards”.
Due to his former activities as a research assistant at different universities in Germany and as a project manager/development engineer of TELES AG and SkyDSL Technologies GmbH, he contributes excellent know-how in research and development in the field of innovative antenna technology and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) to the company. The comprehensive approach of Hisatec GmbH’s development work aims at combining expertise in the area of antenna design, RF and EMC technologies and satellite communications. This expertise is applied to the benefit of customers regarding the transaction of research contracts, delivery of expert assessments and scientific advice.
Heretofore, the focus of the company has been on the development of technologically new systems for satellite communication and radar technology. Furthermore, it is planned to develop and market our own products. Since its formation in 2013, the company has been developing steadily both in terms of the number of its employees and in terms of realized sales.

Typical product and process offer

For several years Hisatec GmbH has been working on the development of dual polarized Ku band antennas with the emphasis on efficient and planar RF feeding networks. The business philosophy is to develop a permanent innovation process based on the high-performance R&D expertise to contribute to the development of innovative products at regular intervals. Furthermore, by observing trends in the concerned fields of technology we define our own development goals to drive this innovation process forward.
To date, our service portfolio comprises in the field of satellite communication: support services in research and development, conceptualization of application-specific PCB layouts optimized with regards to EMC and decoupling parameters; simulation and measurement of components and subassemblies; ground segment calculations; preparation of expert assessments and error analysis; feasibility studies and creation of technical documentations. Furthermore, near-field EMV testing of PCBs can be performed to address specific customer wishes.

In which markets these products were introduced with what success?

Due to its extraordinary scientific know-how and funded technological background Hisatec GmbH has already established cooperative relationships to R&D facilities and to various international companies in this sector. To date, the company has presented itself mainly as a service provider and contractor for development projects in the field of satellite communication owing to its extensive contacts to different research institutions. These projects could not have been realized without company-specific knowledge. Until now, it has only operated in German-speaking regions.